We understand a client needs not only a specialist media agency, but an agency that understands the importance of end-to-end communications.

An agency that will stand side by side with the client every step of the way. An agency that understands the entire process from strategy to implementation and beyond. An agency who understands that overall campaign objectives consist of various strategic platforms that bring a campaign together.


A client wants an agency that isn’t precious. An agency that will get their hands dirty and do whatever it takes to get the best result for their client. An agency that will be the glue that will bring it all together.

In an age where media fragmentation is at it’s highest ever level, it is imperative to each and every client that they are working with a media agency who is highly engaged in all facets of the media process. A complete end to end communications agency. We are that agency.



It’s true. All media agencies will talk about their service offering. But we wanted to be different. So, we were blunt. We simply asked clients what they really wanted in a media agency, what was most important.  SHOVE Communications is based on these insights and our philosophy is simple. Be there for our clients. No matter what. When push comes to “SHOVE” we’ll be there.


We admit it. We’re not perfect, but we strive to be. We understand that without Quality Work, Quality Service means nothing. And as a business partner our clients trust, we must consistently deliver on both of these tasks, it is the fabric that binds our agency together.


We understand a client needs an agency partner that understands the importance of not only end to end communications, but also insights, learnings, strategy, collaboration and most importantly care.


We treat all clients equal. We work hard for them no matter what size of the campaign. From a small social media deployment, to a large scale omni channel awareness campaign. We give it everything. All the time. No Exceptions. Regardless of the size of your budget, we will always take the time to care.




Every business has a story. Our story started in Holland in 1951, where the mother of our agency founder Trent Collett, was born in the city of Amsterdam, and ultimately migrating to Australia via steam ship with her parents and two siblings on October 30th 1957.  


In turn, Trent grew up with strong Dutch values which have stayed with him his whole life. So, when it was time to determine the brand of the agency, there was only ever going to be one colour. And that was Orange or “Oranje” as it is commonly known as in the Netherlands.  


The official Tricolour flag of the Netherlands is Red, White and Blue with no reference to Orange at all. 

It is widely known in the Netherlands, that in 1574 during its War of Independence, the original flag was to be Orange, White and Blue coming from the Prince of Nassau's coat of arms. But legend has it, that the orange dye was too unstable and it would run and make the stripes red after a short period of time so it was then officially made red.



Trent Collett

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